Global Stocks React to Oil’s Demise

Global Stocks Stocks around the world remained mixed as mounting doubts nearly derailed global recovery. U.S. stocks dipped slightly as investors speculated what would come of Federal Reserve Chair’s looming testimony in ...Read the full article

12th July, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Global Stocks Rise As Commodities Shudder

Stocks Rise Stocks from around the world made a valiant comeback as commodities continued to slide. This energetic rally was fueled by rebounding technology stocks along with fresh optimism in China & ...Read the full article

20th June, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


New Zealand’s inflation accelerates above the RBNZ’s target midpoint

Overnight, New Zealand’s CPI rate for Q1 surged to +2.2% yoy from +1.3% in Q4. This was the first time in 5 yearsinflation propped above the midpoint of the RBNZ’s ...Read the full article

21st April, 2017 • Trader Mind


Fed’s Promises Cause US Stocks to Falter

Fed's Promises Imminent rate hikes sent shockwaves throughout U.S. stocks & treasures. Both faltered as the Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen guaranteed increased interest rates next week. Banks reacted to this news ...Read the full article

8th March, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Global Rally Stalls Amidst Political Controversy

global rally Once again, the market is showing mixed reactions to controversial political moves. The latest Federal Reserve meeting has put the dollar in a tailspin. As rate hikes seem imminent, the ...Read the full article

24th February, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Political Unrest Can’t Derail Global Stock Rally

stock rally As Trump’s foreign policies wreak havoc, the results are equally mixed in the international financial market. U.S. stocks & treasuries soared while the dollar slipped. European stocks rose while the ...Read the full article

4th February, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Stocks Mixed Amidst Border Wall Controversy

Border Wall America’s standoff with Mexico is creating mixed reactions with stocks around the world. Tensions between the two nations have raised to an all-time high as Trump’s border wall plan stirs ...Read the full article

27th January, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


U.S. Stocks Rise Amidst Growing Uncertainty

US Stocks The US economy is gearing up for a promising year with advances across the board. Trump’s bold plans to revive America has set the stage for record advances by stocks ...Read the full article

14th January, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Looming Elections Stir Up a Financial Frenzy

elections Uncertainty over the US presidential election is promoting financial turbulence around the world. Stocks are fluctuating wildly as investors hold their breath before the election ends. The S&P 500 halted ...Read the full article

4th November, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Stocks Surge in the Midst of Epic Takeovers

stocks surge A new wave of optimism in equity markets has catapulted stocks to new highs. This surprising growth was reflected across the board & spilled over into international markets. The MSCI ...Read the full article

26th October, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Looming Money Fund Reform Causes Chaos

money fund Money fund markets are facing record turbulence as the quarter wraps up in chaos. Even though the quarter end is normally tumultuous, this year the disparity has reached new heights. ...Read the full article

1st October, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


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