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Wanna Invest in Stocks- Here are the 15 things to remember

Stock Investment Investing is what makes money grow. One can invest in so many things like real estate, Gold, Bitcoins or Litecoins, Fixed Deposits, Mutual Funds and Stocks. When it comes to ...Read the full article

30th October, 2018 • Kamal Kaur


Walmart Trading Analysis

PAX FOREX: The price above 200 MA, indicating a growing trend. The MACD histogram is above the zero line. The oscillator Force Index is below the zero line. If the level of ...Read the full article

24th May, 2017 • PAX Forex


Amazon trading analysis

PAX FOREX: The price above 200 MA, indicating a growing trend. The MACD histogram is above the zero line. The oscillator Force Index is above the zero line. If the level of ...Read the full article

10th May, 2017 • PAX Forex


Trading analysis on Tesla Motor

PAXFOREX: The price is below the moving average MA 200 and 20 MA, indicating the downward trend. Average in the MACD is below the zero level. The oscillator Force Index is below ...Read the full article

27th April, 2017 • PAX Forex


Market Adopts Bullish Mentality Amidst Promises

Bullish Mentality A combination of bold political promises & fresh growth propelled international stocks to new highs. Both European & U.S. stocks are on the rebound, & there’s no end in sight. ...Read the full article

14th February, 2017 • Nathaniel Mansfield


7 things to consider when financing a home

“Our house in the middle of our street Our house it has a crowd, there is always something happening, And it is usually quite loud”- Our House by Madness I ...Read the full article

30th November, 2016 • Kamal Kaur


11 tips for successfully investing into p2p lending

Remember last time you were in need of money and you borrowed it from someone. Few bucks you can obviously have it from your friends. But maybe you want to ...Read the full article

30th October, 2016 • Kamal Kaur


Australia’s Economic Growth Continues to Fluorish after 25 Years

australia economic growth Australia is a formidable country with its strong economy. The Australia economy has been growing at its best and fastest in 4 years. The economy has increased by 3.3% over ...Read the full article

20th October, 2016 • mac


Chip Chap- The most comprehensive digital wallet from Bitchain

Bitchain technology is moving fast and capturing the attention of markets. Recently it launched its commission free payments with their Bitcoin ATMs. Bitchain installed a new bitcoin ATM in the ...Read the full article

30th September, 2016 • Kamal Kaur


UK Bank s Under Pressure

LCG Research Team: The FTSE took a breather after the Bank of England (BoE) sounded reasonably dovish at Thursday’s MPC meeting. However, the appetite in UK stocks remained short-lived as the ...Read the full article

16th September, 2016 • LCG ResearchTeam


Block Chain Technology- An Insight into Future Global Business

For the past few years the word Bitcoin and Block Chain is the talk at the business coffee table.  The technology giant Microsoft is also partnering with ConsenSys and Blockstack ...Read the full article

30th August, 2016 • Kamal Kaur


Ryanair, Growth Away From the UK

LCG Research Team: Airline companies are feeling the pinch as frequent terrorist attacks, combined with the UK’s decision to exit the European Union, are increasingly weighing on business. Following weak ...Read the full article

25th July, 2016 • LCG ResearchTeam


UK Referendum Wreaks Havoc on Global Market

UK Referendum In the wake of the UK referendum, stocks & bonds are making a valiant comeback. All the swirling controversy & suspense has created a risk rally. This was reflected across ...Read the full article

24th June, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Australian Dollar Climbs As China Imports Fall At Slowest Rate Since 2014

Australian Dollar Rallies On China Import Data The Australian dollar as trade data released by China indicated that imports –– in terms of the dollar –– declined to its slowest rate ...Read the full article

8th June, 2016 • Rhea DSouza


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